Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

Scor , Para petinggi non birokrasi dan para petinggi birokrasi.

First listen up to the song lyric : When you believe.
By : Mariah carey featuring Whitney houston.

Then Start :

This is not just your uncle Sam or any of that just uncle.
This is Scor , All of your Big Uncle is Me.
Just Me, Scor.

Let's talk our matter in this world ( earth ).
About 'the stucked of the bro's and sis's' in Iraq.
Big Uncle Scor wants they back as quickly as they want it.
Cause there is not a war ( wars) situation again.
There just fightings between those are not satisfied among them.

All of your armies in there.
It just look like dumb persons.
So it is time to 'going home'.

Or go to the other place / countries.
That need your helps.
But not there !, in Iraq (?).

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