Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

The prolog of going home.

Nb : This is for those who's 'Stucked' in Iraq.
Ini khusus mereka mereka yang 'nyangkut' di Iraq.

What was of the start all this ?.
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn ?.
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that the answer now !,
From deep with in flow of time !.

But, For certainty, Back then.
We loved some many !,Yet hated so much ?.
We hurt others and were hurt ourselves...

Yet even then, We ran like the wind !.
whilst our laughter echoed,
under cerulean skies !!!.

~ Ha ha ha ~
~ Ha ha ha ~
~ Ha ha ha ~

From : Chrono cross ( Ps 1 games ).

~ Apakah kalian tidak mau pulang?.
Dimana semua saudara dapat berkumpul dengan saudarinya.
Saudari terhadap saudaranya.
Anak terhadap orang tuanya.
Maupun orang tua terhadap anaknya.
Sebagai satu dari kesatuan keluarga ?. ~

~ When all ,It is first started.
~ It just *Link* 'in' *park* !.

~ In the middle of it.
~ Come *A muser Man* !.

~ Then in the end of that.
~ Came *The Curse Man* with *The Other Remix*!.

~ And in the end of all of that.
~ Come *The Master Man* With *The Another of The Other Remix* ! (?).

This is from : Link in park.
The real title is : In the end.
With a lil remix ( Add Or Edit )by : *Me* , *Scor*.
All of you can call it as 'The Kik kuk'.

From : *I* am *Scor*.
*Son & Member of Ada*.

1 komentar:

  1. Kalian mau pulang ,tidak ?.
    Bayar !.

    He he :) .

    Kan cuman 20 juta dollar us as downpayment.
    *Resep**nya* *keluar*.

    Bisa kalian angsur ataupun akan kalian angsur.
    Serta maupun tidak !.
    Scor tidak peduli.
    Ngapain duit ( Uang ) banyak banyak.

    Ha ha ..@_-..

    Mau pulang tidak ?.