Rabu, 22 September 2010

Let us just married.


The condition is :

1. If You do a female.
min. 24 years old and up.
The best of age is between : 25 - 29 years old.

2. Still a girl, Not already woman.
Or not girlfriend of anyone.
Or has a romance relationship with anyone.
The best is still 'Pure' as a female ( girl ).

3. You'll be better rich.
A rich girl.
In meaning that The amount is enough for to do anything.
Like : Run (?).

If all that condition you are fit in (???).
There is a lot of thing that we 'will and can' do in this world ( earth ).
Scor always prefers A Korean girl or A Japanese girl.

The description :
~ She is must be small, thin and sweet.
That the best of Scor likes!.

Ha ha.

From : *Member & Son of Ada*.

Nb : Dengan postingan seperti ini.
Scor kelihatannya seperti playboy jah?.
Ha ha.

Ini rute romantis Scor untuk 'kabur dan bermain' di dunia ini nich.
He he.

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