Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Letter to Wang Yiling.

Twitter user.

Why must be born angry?( Really? ).
Then die angry too?.

Scor will make you die laughing aloud ( Can be ?).
He he :).
At least smiling.

That Scor offer to you.
It is real.
But you must not distraction to the other topics.

Yupe, There is a language problem too.
But you can find a good indonesian translator.
Remember !, A good one.
Do not like such as 'mywife is gangster' movie film.
Do not like that kind of Translator.
( This film played by : Shu qi ).

Oyeah, Since We have a same surname.
Scor forgives you !.
Of that kind of attitude in Scor twitter account.

From : Everything is up to *Me*,*Scor*.
*Member & Son of Ada*.

Nb: This letter will be filed.
Not more that 2 weeks.

Postpone : Hingga ;
Sesuka suka Aku, Scor.


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